Weekly Science Roundup

This week’s roundup is pretty full, lots of interesting developments:

Nanoparticles that look like cells help Nano machines evade the immune system

Transparent transistors, printed on paper; May allow for future electronics that are effectively invisible and biodegradable

3D printing of embryonic stem cells; first step to 3D printing tissues

Bionic eye passes testing, will be available in US. We’re no where near ‘Terminator’ tech, but the idea that we can create a working bionic eye is amazing

Scientists create a device which harnesses vibration within the ear to power electronics – without harming hearing

Fujifilm creates a thin film polymer that can convert body heat into usable electricity

Researchers use gene therapy to completely cure type 1 Diabetes in dogs. Breakthrough in large mammals paves way for humans

Self-powered Nano-scale chips developed. This could be the first step to making Computronium

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