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Review of the Nexus One

About a week ago, I got my shiny new Nexus One from Google, and I have been happily using it since. While I didn’t leave it on Eclair (Android OS 2.1) for long, here are my thoughts on it under Eclair. First, the thing is phenomenally fast, compared to a G1 or iPhone 3G. This […]

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How to update Nexus One to Froyo on ATT

After spending a bunch of time figuring this out through many incomplete guides, I thought I would post one here. These are very direct instructions. If you don’t understand them, please don’t proceed. Do a little research and come back. As always, I am not responsible for you bricking your phone. This WILL void your […]

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Android vs. iPhone: A review

First, an introduction for those of you who don’t know me personally. I have had the iPhone for about 2 years now, and despite it’s flaws (which are numerous), I have always said it was the best smart phone I ever owned. I went to the iPhone from a Windows Mobile device (Cingular 3125), which […]

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