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Want to know what’s wrong with education?

Some of you are aware that my career (and a large part of my expertise) is currently focused on perfecting education, however I almost never write about it in my blog, or discuss it in normal conversation. The reasons for this are many, but it mainly boils down to the fact that almost any discussion […]

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Three books that destroyed my ability to enjoy standard Sci-Fi

Three books that I have read in recent years have completely eliminated my ability to enjoy your typical space-opera sci-fi. And believe it or not, I think that’s a good thing. Here’s the issue: Most sci-fi authors are not imaginative enough to envision anything that could even approximate reality in 100+ years. The most basic […]

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No Comments is the Devil

WARNING: This is an angry rant, and probably should not be read by anyone who is easily offended or dislikes swearing. You have been warned. In the “things that really annoy me” category, I have to add’s draconian data-handling policies to the list. Here’s what fired this rant off: I was trying to put […]

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