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The Truth about your contribution to Climate Change

I’ve got something that bugs me literally every time I see a post idolizing Elon Musk for doing something green or praising some idiotic law, and it’s simply this: 98% of all of this effort is for nothing. I’m not being pedantic, or speaking from emotion here; I’ve run the numbers, and what we are […]


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Linux and Networking: Too Much Fail for One Configuration

So, this is a problem that I’ve spent a day or so working on at work, and it goes like this… A router (Linux, running ZeroShell) is configured with three interfaces, as shown in the following diagram: In this case, the network has a configuration problem in that PC1 is configured with a default gateway […]

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Injury Update: Now with more MRIs!

Take heed, boys and girls, here there be some foul language. Turn back if you offend easily. Well, now it’s settled: I’ve officially fucked myself up good and proper. As I told my office mate upon finding out the prognosis and degree of my injury, evidently I can’t do anything half-assed, even fucking myself up. […]

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ChAoS & PAIN: I Am Not A Superhero #2

As usual, a little crass, but a good point that needs to be made to legions of people, and not just about lifting weights.  ChAoS & PAIN: I Am Not A Superhero #2

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ChAoS & PAIN: Go Fucking Feral #2- A Shutthefuckup Salad With A Side of Extra Rants

 A little more militant and crass than I would have put it, but pretty much dead on I think: ChAoS & PAIN: Go Feral Pt. 2 Be warned, this site is NSFW!

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The Death of Principles

So, for almost two years, I’ve been using an Android phone, partially due to the limitations of the iPhone platform, and partially due to my unswerving hatred of Apple. This weekend, I broke down and bought an iPhone. Now, I’m not sold that I’m going to stay on the iPhone; I may actually return the […]

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Android vs. iPhone: A review

First, an introduction for those of you who don’t know me personally. I have had the iPhone for about 2 years now, and despite it’s flaws (which are numerous), I have always said it was the best smart phone I ever owned. I went to the iPhone from a Windows Mobile device (Cingular 3125), which […]

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No Comments is the Devil

WARNING: This is an angry rant, and probably should not be read by anyone who is easily offended or dislikes swearing. You have been warned. In the “things that really annoy me” category, I have to add’s draconian data-handling policies to the list. Here’s what fired this rant off: I was trying to put […]

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