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Rehab workout regimen

So, as I mentioned previously, I’m doing a modified version of Madcow’s with machines until I am cleared to lift like a big boy again. Well, I expected to actually be on this for up to a year, but this morning my surgeon cleared me to squat and deadlift again, so this will be the […]

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Injury Update, First Track Run in the GT500, Other Random Stuff

Well, this week was the first week I was allowed to do ‘limited training’, which basically means nothing that loads my cervical spine. Since I am really concerned about breaking the instrumentation (screws and the titanium plate) loose, I stuck with benching alone this week. On that front, things felt mostly good. I had some […]

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Post-op Update

Well, this is day three post-op, and things are looking pretty good. Pain is really mild, and very manageable. I have some referred pain in my traps which seems to be worsening slightly, along with some occasional pain in my left arm, but my throat pain is nearly gone and I can swallow without difficulty. […]

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Injury Update–Post Surgery

Got to come home today after a successful anterior cervical discectomy and fusion of my C6-7 disc. First, regarding the surgery, I feel way better than I expected to. Pain is minimal, and mostly comes from a massive sore throat due to the retraction of my esophagus and the intubation. It’s also a bit hard […]


Injury Update – Pre-op Meeting Over

So, the wife and I went up to Stanford yesterday to meet with the staff for the pre-operative tests and info. On the test side, not much needed to be done. They took 5 vials of blood (I got a few punches in), checked my vitals (still mostly alive), and went over my medical history […]

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Injury Update–Decision Made

Well, I finally made the decision to move forward with the surgery today after getting some feedback on my EMG and speaking to a fourth surgeon. As I mentioned in this post, I got an EMG from Dr. K to determine the degree of muscle and nerve damage from my extrusion. She was very concerned […]


Injury Update

So, the dozen people or so who read my blog may have noticed now that I’ve been remarkably absent of late, with my last training-related post being almost a month ago. There are a few reasons for this, but mainly, I have just been trying to stay away from anything training related in an effort […]


Injury Update–Final Surgeon Weighs In, EMG Preliminary Results

Well, Monday morning I went to see the final surgeon for his opinion on whether or not I need surgery for my extruded/herniated C6/7 disc. This surgeon is Dr. John Lettice, who comes highly recommended by HealthGrades, Dr. Armen, and the CEO of the company I work for. Dr. Lettice was very calm and patient […]


Random Thoughts, Injury Update

As I was clearing out a spam comment on a post last night, I happened to run across this comment in my progress post. Originally, I responded to this in typical ‘thanks’ fashion and didn’t think much more of it. But last night, the byline, ‘Matt P’, caught my attention. I looked closer at it […]


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Injury Update: Now with more MRIs!

Take heed, boys and girls, here there be some foul language. Turn back if you offend easily. Well, now it’s settled: I’ve officially fucked myself up good and proper. As I told my office mate upon finding out the prognosis and degree of my injury, evidently I can’t do anything half-assed, even fucking myself up. […]

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