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Injury Update

Well, today marks the day I went to visit a new doc for ART therapy to try and resolve this injury. I went to Premier Spine and Sport, and met with Dr. Brink, who also happens to be the doctor for this guy: Anyhow, after a pretty long discussion about the issue and what I […]

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The Result of a Failed Bulk

Well, the results of my month-long bulk in Pensacola are in, and they are not pretty. However, if you’ve been following along, you know that things didn’t exactly go as planned. First and foremost, the day I flew into Pensacola, I tore my left trapezius muscle carrying my laptop gear through the abomination of an […]

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Lifting in Pensacola…

Well, since today marks the first day I’ve lifted since tearing my trap almost two weeks ago, and the first time I’ve ever lifted in a commercial gym, I felt the need to wax poetic about it for a bit. First and foremost, my trap is still bugging me, and as has been the case […]

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