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Five Great Hair-Metal Songs You Probably Missed

Well, my obsessive listening habits have brought me around to hair metal from time to time (I am a child of the 80’s, after all), and it still shocks me how many obscure gems are out there to discover. So here are five that you probably missed when they came out that you shouldn’t have. […]


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Finally ‘completed’ a new song…

I say completed in quotes because art is never really done, you just get tired of working on it at some point. Anyhow, this track is a song that my youngest son was doodling on one day that really inspired me, so we sat down and recorded his doodles. I then spent the next two […]

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Setting up a drum set is an all-day event…

So I just got finished moving my wife’s office into the spare bedroom, along with putting the little kit in storage, and then setting up the big kit. All told, I’ve been working this pretty much non-stop since 7AM. Would have gotten it done faster, but the work was broken up with impromptu sessions where […]

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The result of OCD song rating tendencies: You find some exceptional songs

One of the few benefits of being incredibly easily bored is that I tend to get expose myself to a lot of different things, and that’s no less true when it comes to music. When you combine this with innate obsessive/compulsive tendencies, you get some interesting results. In my case, it results in me listening […]

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The best progressive metal bands you’ve never heard of…

I was listening to some Fates Warning and I realized that there are a ton of bands (including the previously mentioned one) that are packed with amazing musicians and compositional talent and yet most people have never heard of them. I decided to make a list of ten of them, including a recommended song to […]

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