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On the Topic of Mind Uploading…

If you read my previous post on sci-fi books, you’ll know that lately, the topic of mind uploading, particularly as it relates to the technological singularity, has been present in much of my reading material. While the concept seems plausible, in at least a sci-fi sort of way (the Matrix being a case in point), […]

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Why current AI research is doomed to failure

By Brian Hill, One-Man Think-Tank and Resident Pseudo-Scientist Let me begin this little rambling with a disclaimer: I am not a scientist; I don’t even play one on TV. This entire article is based on my knowledge of AI research approaches, including reading of mainstream scientific publications (Discover, Scientific American), web articles on the subject, […]

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The Problem with the World and the Future of Mankind

According to Brian Hill, resident Speculation Engineer and Pseudo Scientist Well, after a long time, I decided to post this up, as this is the culmination of a bunch of thoughts that have been running through my head for a great many years now. First, let’s tackle the initial premise of this article, “The problem […]

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