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Fitocracy Member Spotlight: cabichandani – Fitocracy Blog

Congrats to one of my buds on Fitocracy and Dailyburn, Cabichandani, on his much deserved member spotlight. Fitocracy Member Spotlight: cabichandani – Fitocracy Blog

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Willpower and Desire as They Relate to Fitness

Numerous times recently both on Fitocracy and in questions from readers of the blog, I have gotten questions on dieting. This is not a huge deal, and while I think it has been covered more thoroughly by more learned folk than I (see Lyle’s site, Alan Aragon’s site, and Martin’s site), I will likely end […]

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What an Intermittent Fasting Diet Looks Like: A Visual Guide

Many times on Fitocracy I see threads where people are discussing dieting, and one of the common themes I see is incredulity that it’s hard to eat enough food while ‘cutting’ (dieting to lose fat). Other times, I see people talking about how they can’t grow or calling themselves hard gainers because they can’t seem […]

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Fitocracy–A Candid Review

I’ve been using Fitocracy for several months now, and I felt it was finally time to post up a review, along with some suggestions. While I’m not sure Dick and Co. will be particularly interested in what I have to say, I still feel it needs to be said regardless. An overview of Fitocracy First […]

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