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The Death of Principles

So, for almost two years, I’ve been using an Android phone, partially due to the limitations of the iPhone platform, and partially due to my unswerving hatred of Apple. This weekend, I broke down and bought an iPhone. Now, I’m not sold that I’m going to stay on the iPhone; I may actually return the […]

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Review of the Nexus One

About a week ago, I got my shiny new Nexus One from Google, and I have been happily using it since. While I didn’t leave it on Eclair (Android OS 2.1) for long, here are my thoughts on it under Eclair. First, the thing is phenomenally fast, compared to a G1 or iPhone 3G. This […]

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How to update Nexus One to Froyo on ATT

After spending a bunch of time figuring this out through many incomplete guides, I thought I would post one here. These are very direct instructions. If you don’t understand them, please don’t proceed. Do a little research and come back. As always, I am not responsible for you bricking your phone. This WILL void your […]

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How-to: Use Android as a Media Player

The biggest major disappointment in the Android OS, for me at least, is the poor stock media player support. Out of the box, you get a very weak music player (named, creatively enough, Music) and absolutely no sync app. The music player itself doesn’t really support anything other than basic playing. No lyrics, no ID […]

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Android vs. iPhone: A review

First, an introduction for those of you who don’t know me personally. I have had the iPhone for about 2 years now, and despite it’s flaws (which are numerous), I have always said it was the best smart phone I ever owned. I went to the iPhone from a Windows Mobile device (Cingular 3125), which […]

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