And Now For Some Unique Christmas Songs…

Here’s a selection of Christmas songs that have caught my ear over the years. A few are old standards, just reworked in a very unique way, and others are originals. All are worth a listen, though some will probably get most people out of their comfort zone. Merry Christmas everyone.

Sting – Gabriel’s Message

This is one of my favorite Sting songs, which is odd because I usually love the musicianship in his songs, and this one is very sparsely accompanied. It is hauntingly beautiful though.

Dream Theater – O Holy Night

This is a pretty rare song by them, but what I found interesting about it is how traditional it was, considering it’s Dream Theater that’s doing it. If you like Dream Theater, this is worth a listen.

Savatage – Christmas Eve (Carol of the Bells)

Getting slightly more metal, this is Savatage’s version of Carol of the Bells, though they chose to name it ‘Christmas Eve’ for some reason. Once you listen to this, you’ll see how it wasn’t such a big leap for Jon Oliva to head up the Trans-Siberian Orchestra.

Type O Negative – Red Water (Christmas Mourning)

This is a heavy, depressing song, but it’s also one of the ones I think of first when I think of Christmas. Considering that some people think Christmas is the most depressing time of the year, it is refreshing to hear a song that captures that sentiment as well as this one does.

Steve Lukather & Friends – Carol Of The Bells

Back to a more jazzy, slightly progressive song, this is Steve Lukather, best known as the guitarist for Toto, doing a version of Carol of the Bells. I really like the way he experiments with the timing of the melody, makes for a cool take on the song.

Drewsif Stalin’s Musical Endeavors – Black Christmas

This is one of my favorite Christmas medleys of all time. The slightly out of tune doubled guitar and heavy background riffing make this thing an awesome example of a Djent cover.

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