Site Updated

Well, if you’ve been on the site this morning, you might have noticed a bit of chaos as I updated the theme, cleaned out a lot of cruft, and added some new features. Long story short, I decided to go with amore clean, simple look that was a lot more streamlined, and remove some of the widgets that were more cluttering than useful. I also broke out the old Wacom Graphire tablet and Photoshop and did a fair bit of sketching, painting, and editing to complete the new logo at the top. I’ll probably end up posting the full res versions of the various designs I worked on for the infinity symbol on my deviantart page soon, since I haven’t uploaded anything there in years.

Anyhow, while I’ve given the update a fair amount of testing, there’s still a fairly good likelihood that something may be borked, so if you see any problems, or just have any general comments, please let me know.

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