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A FB friend asked me to read one of Food Babe’s posts before discounting her–This is the result

In a conversation on Facebook, I was asked to read a post or two from Food Babe before categorically dismissing her. Since I’ve only really read snippets here and there before, I decided to drop my defenses a little and read one of her posts, but to actually look up all of the claims she […]

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Program Review–Boss Barbell Strength Method (on a cut)

Hot on the heels of my last review, I thought I would go ahead a review this program, since I’ve now run it for two mesocycles. For those of you who haven’t heard of it, Boss Barbell Strength method (hereafter referred to as BBSM) is Dan Green’s own program. I started lifting at Dan’s gym, […]



Program Review–Doggcrapp Training

This is a long time coming, but I wasn’t in a place to write about it until now, so here goes. Last year for almost the entire year I ran DC full time. I was coming back from an injury, and I decided that honestly, my biggest goal is not to get as strong as […]

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A Cure for Gout

Well, first things first, the title is admittedly a bit sensationalized, but I believe it’s largely justified. ‘Cure’ might be too strong of  a word from a scientific perspective, but it’s largely an accurate assessment of the results I’ve seen from a purely qualitative perspective. First, let me explain why ‘curing’ gout is a big […]



High-Protein Deserts

Over the holidays, my wife was kind enough to experiment with some high-protein deserts so I could get my sweets fix while keeping a reasonable protein intake. A couple of these were excellent, and deserve sharing. So without further ado: High-Protein Blueberry Muffins These, in my opinion, are indistinguishable from normal blueberry muffins. They are […]

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High-Protein Slow-Cooker Recipes

Thanks to Jaime Lewis’ excellent ‘Stew-Roids’ series (link is NSFW), I have spent the last six months or so eating and experimenting with high-protein stew-like recipes. In general, I’ve found that I really like stews. They are pretty complete nutritionally, tasty, keep well, and generally reheat well. Also, there’s a lot of range for something […]



Pure Alaska Salmon Review

As I’ll detail in an upcoming post (once I’m sure the dietary protocols are repeatable), I’ve been experimenting with Protein Sparing Modified Fasts (PSMF) in an effort to cut the most fat in the shortest amount of time possible. One of the things I really like about PSMFs are that they cut out all of […]


Three Simple Rules of "Sensible Supplementation"

As is typical of Suppversity, this is an excellent writeup on how to evaluate supplements. Combine this philosophy with the info on, and you have a winning strategy. Three Simple Rules of “Sensible Supplementation”

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Study: Fish Oil increases lean mass, reduces fat mass and Cortisol

Effects of supplemental fish oil on resting metabolic rate, body composition, and salivary cortisol in healthy adults   This is a controlled study where one group was fed Safflower Oil and the other Fish Oil for six weeks while Cortisol, body fat, lean mass, and RMR were all tracked. The results were overwhelmingly positive and […]

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More Data is Always Positive

Something that I’ve seen over and over throughout the last few years in the realm of weight loss is the advice to only weigh yourself at long intervals, typically once a week, so I wanted to take the time to refute this stance a little. The idea around weighing yourself at extended intervals is to […]


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