Injury Update

Well, today marks the day I went to visit a new doc for ART therapy to try and resolve this injury. I went to Premier Spine and Sport, and met with Dr. Brink, who also happens to be the doctor for this guy:

Anyhow, after a pretty long discussion about the issue and what I was hoping to get out of the treatment, he put me through a bunch of tests to check my neck and spine, and then more tests demonstrate my lack of strength on my left side. He then proceeded to do something no other therapist or doctor has done so far: examine my pec and shoulder girdle.
After a pretty lengthy examination, he began to probe and do some soft tissue work, and let me tell you, my left pec was hugely tender. Afterwards, he told me that there’s a decent chance that I actually tore my pec, possibly bad enough to get separation. He said that the first clue for him was visual: I have a pretty large divot in my left pec where it connects to the delt, and my right pec is much thicker in that area. But that, combined with the scar tissue he can feel, my lack of strength, and the inflammation I still have means that there’s a good chance of an injury there.
Overall, this is bad news. If I’ve got separation, I may need surgery, even if it reattached on it’s own, just to get back full use and power (not to mention to make it not look weird). However, the silver lining is that he is very much not waiting around to see. I am going back for two more sessions on Wednesday and Friday, and if it’s not significantly improved after those, he is sending me for an MRI of both my shoulder girdle and upper back. From there, we will examine and consult an Orthopedic surgeon if necessary.
I’m just happy were moving forward for once, even if the prognosis is not what I was hoping for.

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