Progress, or a Reasonable Facsimile Thereof

You may have noticed a few changes to my blog, and this is (IMHO) for the better. You see, when I started this whole thing, it was just a place for me to post some random junk that I had written over the years, and a place to post new random junk that I decide to write (or, in some cases, can’t help but write). So initially, I didn’t really put a lot of thought or effort into it, and it shows. I have posted rarely and randomly, on various subjects both serious and whimsical, with little to no consistency.
Moving forward, I plan to post much more often, and try to organize things much better. Mind you, I don’t plan to be any more streamlined – I still expect to post a large variety of things on many subjects and with many different tones. But I want this to serve a few key purposes and to be organized around those. Put simply, I want this to be a repository for my:

  • Reviews of art (music and books, mainly)
  • Reviews of stuff (gear, tech, cars, etc.)
  • Funny stories and anecdotes I want to share
  • Occasional serious articles that I write on various subjects
  • Promotion of my own art (if I ever get around to making any more, that is)
  • Information and thoughts on my hobbies (fitness, nutrition, music, cars, etc.)
  • Interesting articles I find on the web

In actuality, I have a large number of articles ‘in the hopper’ so to speak in various stages of completion. So you should see a fairly steady stream of new posts coming up. Those of you who are connected to me via social media will see status updates only when I post a major article, but I will update the blog with reposted articles that catch my eye much more often than that (hopefully daily).
On the ‘look and feel’ front (Branding, I suppose is the more appropriate term), I have drastically changed the layout, design, and even name of the blog. Let’s address the name first.
The original name was chosen based on the first thing that came to mind when I thought of all of the random crap I was going to post up. In that regard, Diary of a Madman was oddly appropriate, but won’t win me any awards for originality.
Furthermore, that name also doesn’t really express anything about me. Perhaps I’m wrong, but I don’t think many people who know me would label me crazy. I have my quirks, just like everyone else, but I don’t run around talking to invisible guests and wearing tin-foil hats. So, I thought that a new name was in order.
After a lot of thought, I stuck on the name Counting to Infinity. First, I love the idea of infinity for some reason. It has always been something completely impossible for me to wrap my mind around no matter how hard I try, and I think that’s intrinsic to being human. We have a beginning and end, and everything we process we do under those terms, so the idea of something that never starts and never ends is completely alien.
Second, I think it just sounds cool. And third, I think it is something most people could see me doing. I am the sometimes not so proud owner of a very special kind of stubborn rebelliousness, and that makes me the kind of person who people would not be surprised to see ‘counting to infinity’ because someone told me it was impossible. So, overall, I think it fits.
Anyhow, drop me a line if you have any comments on the changes, and hopefully 2012 will be a more active year for this blog than 2011 was.


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