Eating Leather – Drakensang: The Dark Eye review update

So, in my previous review of this game, I ranted quite a bit on how buggy the stupid thing was since it crashed my system. Since then, my system got flakier and I came to realize it wasn’t the game, it was most likely the video card (based on the fact that the system only crashed when running a 3D game full screen). I bought a spiffy new video card and replaced the old one and found this on the old one:
You may notice the four rather dark spots towards the top of the card? They would be the culprits.

You see, a year ago when I first moved out to CA, I had no furniture to speak of since it was all still in NC, so I set my PC up on the kitchen table. One morning I spilled my OJ, and it killed someone and hid the glove…oops, wait, wrong OJ.

Ahem….One morning I spilled my Orange Juice and it dripped off the table and into the top of my case. My case is a big Antec with a big top-mount fan, so of course, that’s where the liquid went. I, of course, immediately shut the system down and commenced to cleaning. On inspection, it appeared that the liquid got hit by the fan and splattered in the fan guard. While messy, this was a good result, since it kept it off everything of any importance. However, evidently some large drops fell down and landed on the first exposed card, which happens to be the video card.

Flash-forward to now, the OJ managed to accumulate dust, and either through thermal transfer and overheating or just conductivity and shorting, it completely slayed my video card (get it…OJ….Slayed….Ah, I kill me).

Anyhow, the end result is, the video card was to blame for the game crashing, and now the game runs like a champ. So, I officially open my mouth and insert my foot. Mark this on your calendar kiddies….Not only was I wrong, but I admitted it!


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