Drakensang "The Dark Eye" Review

How to start….. let’s begin with the pros….

1. German RPG system. Something like Die Swartz Auge. I honestly can’t be bothered to learn the German pronunciation, but the system is solid, even taking in account shit like bathing. A BIG change from the idiocracy of AD&D. I was introduced to this system with ROAST (Realms of Arcania, Star Trail), and never really let go. It is my second favorite commercial system behind Top Secret SI. The realism of it immediatly draws me to it. I mean, really… In the day of CRPGs, what, exactly, is the big draw of simplicity? In a CRPG, realism should be king. Only the CPU is crunching numbers, so what are you bitching about?
2. (So Far) Decent Story.

1. Buggiest Goddamn game EVER!!!! I actually have 10+ year old games that run better. Mind you, these are games where the OS WASN’T EVEN INVENTED YET, and they run better than this steaming turd. Holy shit, what a POS. I have solved no less than 5 errors with the game by disabling shit the programmers didn’t take into account on testing and my record is STILL a whopping 1:02 (1 hour 2 minutes) before a crash. And to make it worse, crashes DISABLE THE ENTIRE SYSTEM. YOU HAVE TO HARD POWER OFF! What a goddamn turd.

Verdict: Wait 6 months. Fuck these German bastards. In 6 months they will hare the game fixed and it will be on sale for 1/2 price.

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